Emporia - Global map by 5mok3 [8.6x]

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Emporia - Global map by 5mok3 [8.6x]

Post by Cypher on Tue Dec 20, 2011 8:11 am

Emporia is supposed to be the best real map FREE released.

This Data Pack counts with:

- Scripts
- Maps
- Website

- This data pack has all the current cities, spawns and almost all quests working 100%.
- Custom Monsterpack.. nothing out there compares to the almost perfection of our files!
- Each NPC has its own script file.. You'll never find a data pack with so many NPC's working!
- Working with 8.60 versions of the so known TFS 0.4!
- Optimized items.otb and items.xml with almost all the items!

Quests working (most important quests)

- The Annihilator Quest
- Demon Helmet Quest
- The Elemental Spheres Quest
- Firewalker Boots Quest
- The Inquisition Quest
- Killing in the Name of... Quest
- The Pits of Inferno Quest
- Shadows of Yalahar Quest
- Children of the Revolution Quest
- The New Frontier Quest
- The Demon Oak Quest
- Tomes of Knowledge Quest
- In Service of Yalahar Quest
ALL QUEST ARE WORKING 100%! No other server has that many quests working.. Success is guaranteed!

Emporia by 5moke - Megaupload

Scanned before posted, so it's virus free.

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Re: Emporia - Global map by 5mok3 [8.6x]

Post by elsab3 on Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:39 am

where i can download?

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