Tibia installer by Korrex

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Tibia installer by Korrex

Post by Cypher on Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:10 am


V1.2 Logo fixed. TODO: Cleaner code.
V1.1 Fixed a mistake from my part. There's no Tibia 8.72. And fixed a bug with the stop of execution!
V1.0 Completed support for all clients in the Menu. Public Release.
V0.2 Addition of Folder select and a GUI
V0.1 Initial Build. (Closed Alpha)

Tibia Installer

A basic overview of this program is that it installs Tibia clients effectively without you having to have the installation package avaiable.
It was written in AutoIT with the help of Zisly
Beta testing has been done with the help of Chojrak/Diath


Temporary installation files! (It downloads the installation package installs it then removes it to save up space)
Fast and time saving
Easy to use
Small GUI
Do whatever you want during the download

Credits: Korrex - OtLand

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