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OtStrikers Forums Rules

Post by Cypher on Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:43 pm

Although the administrators and moderators of OtStrikers will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author. The owners of OtStrikers will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

1. Offtopic messages:
Posting messages that have no relevance to the topic of the thread you are posting in will lead to your post being deleted. Repeated posting of offtopic messages may lead to a punishment.

2. Spamming:
You may not repeat the same message multiple times. It is seen as spamming, and will be deleted. If you accidentally post the same content twice, report one of the duplicate posts so that we can delete it.

3. Trolling:
Trolling is not tolerated under any circumstances. Trolls will be punished immediately.

4. Advertising:
You are allowed to advertise your Open Tibia server only in the Advertisement board. Website advertisement, as in creating a thread with the intention to advertise another website is not allowed. You are free to link to websites in your signature though, as long as it doesn't contain content that we don't allow on OtStrikers.

5. Sensitive data:
You may not share sensitive data of other users without their permission. Sensitive data includes passwords, private e-mails and IP-addresses. Posting sensitive data could lead to an instant banishment.

6. Offensive language:
You may not post content that offends other users (such as insults, threats, racism, discrimination, or any other type of personal attack). Any personal issues you have with another user should be dealt with in private.

7. Foreign language:
This is an English community, and you are expected to speak English on the boards. If you wish to communicate with another user in another language, you can do so through visitor or private messages.

8. Pornographic content:
We allow users in all kind of ages in this community, and therefore it is not appropriate to post pornographic content.

9. Dangerous content:
You may not post content that contains dangerous material. Intentionally doing so will lead to an instant banishment.

Types of Punishment

1. Warning (non-recorded):
A post, visitor message, or private message by a moderator notifying you of what you did wrong. Moderators will guide you and inform you with what is the right thing to do and which rules you have broken. Possibly there will be a little addendum to inform you of an upcoming action in case you violate another rule.

2. Warning (recorded):
A profile warning which is recorded. Such kind of warnings work as a notifier of an upcoming infraction in case you violate the same rule again. A moderator can specify a message which will be shown to you through private message. Recorded warnings are more serious that non-recorded warnings.

3. Infraction:
An infraction is a serious type of punishment. When you receive an infraction, you receive a specific amount of points with it. When you reach three infraction points, you will automatically be banned for two days. Five active infraction points will lead to a seven days ban. Infraction points expire after 10 days. You will be notified of a received infraction through a private message. You will also find a message specified by the moderator who gave it to you. You can complain about infractions by replying to the infraction message and the responsible moderator will give you information about the reason you got it.

4. Banishment:
The most serious punishment. When you receive a banishment you will be unable to view the website, exchange messages with other users or post on any board. You will be notified about the banishment reason when you try to access the website if you have been banned. The duration of a banishment may vary; from a day to a permanent banishment.

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