[Global Event] VIP Effect (When person is ghost it doesn't shows)

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[Global Event] VIP Effect (When person is ghost it doesn't shows)

Post by Sacred Anlyest on Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:22 pm

Hello Otstrikers,
Alot of ppls requested VIP Effect and if person is ghost it don't shows!

goto data/globalevents/scripts and create vipEffect.lua

function onThink(interval, lastExecution)
        for _, name in ipairs(getOnlinePlayers()) do
        local cid = getPlayerByName(name)
              if not isPlayerGhost(cid) and getPlayerVipDays(cid) >= 1 then
                  doSendMagicEffect(getPlayerPosition(cid), 27)
                  doSendAnimatedText(getPlayerPosition(cid), "VIP!", TEXTCOLOR_RED)
        return true

and goto data/globalevents and open globalevents.xml and put this line
<globalevent name="vipEffect" interval="3" script="vipEffect.lua"/>

Credits goes to PhoOwned\OTLand

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