Rules for Support board.

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Rules for Support board.

Post by Zatjin on Sun Dec 25, 2011 5:29 am


Before you create a new thread you will need to include some guidelines (not rules) which can be helpful for you and the reader. How better the reader can understand your post how much faster you get help!

#1. Use a clear title with your problem and keep it objective!

#2. Make sure your English is all right. If you have problems with English I suggest you
ask your friends, nearby family or use a translator like Google Translate

#3 Use prefixes when you create your thread this can help people if they have any knowledge about it. You can choose out of: Compiling, Linux, Lua and Windows.

#4. Always post all the errors you get if there's any!

#5. Give as much useful information as possible, this may help other people for solving your problem! This includes Screenshots, errors, how to produce the problem etc.

#6. When you problem is solved then go to your thread and change the prefix to: Solved So other people don't have to look if you still need help or not.

#7. Always be friendly to people that want to help you or helped!

#8. Last but not least, try to solve it by yourself, you may learn something then!

Example of a post looking for support:

Title: Error when loading map!
Hello people!

I have a error when loading the map in the start up

27/12/2008 12:09:28] FATAL: [OTBM loader] Unknown map node.
I'm using TFS 0.3 beta 2
Used RME 1.1.4 for making the map

[Screen shot of the problem if needed]

Thread rules.
I'd like to add something, because it isn't clear yet to some people that post here

Thread titles like:
- "Help!"
- "Help plx!"
- "Help plx rep++!"
- "Help I giff rep fast plx!"
- "Look here pls"
- "Bug"
- "Error"

- and every other single thread named without describing the problem will get deleted, without further notice.
- also please note that you are not allowed to address specific users in your thread name, eg "Gap please help me!"

This has become a real plague here so I'll be giving warnings and possibly infractions for those who are frequently breaking these rules. - This is the admins/moderators objective.

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Re: Rules for Support board.

Post by Cypher on Sun Dec 25, 2011 11:26 am

Helpfull rules Zatjin!


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